Breakfast Sausage Waffle-Dog

The other day while I was eating dinner I came up with a brilliant plan. A breakfast sausage either wrapped up in a waffle or in a waffle bun. Later, I googled it, and it turns out waffle-dog makers exist already! D’oh! And the real problem is that they cost 350 simoleons. If anyone wants to donate one of these I will gladly blog about them. It will be on a stick just like a corn dog, but instead of corn bread it will be a waffle, and instead of a hot dog it will be a breakfast sausage. It will also have maple syrup and melted butter for dipping purposes, and if you want it to be really delicious, the sausage can be wrapped in bacon. Mmm…

Waffle Dog MakerHere is a blogger that made waffle-dogs. Apparently this is popular in the Phillipines.

Waffle DogsSource: Busog! Sarap!


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4 Responses to Breakfast Sausage Waffle-Dog

  1. Anonymous says:

    i really want to make these. stat

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  3. kkt says:

    Just saw these on the cooking channel. browned sausage links ,dipped in (?) pancake batter and then deep fat fried. Came from a cafe called OVER EASY.

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